Cosa Offriamo

What we Offer

We organize personalized and exclusive visits of interesting sites, offering original experiences managed by high qualified multilingual tour guides. You will have the opportunity to meet representative actors of Neapolitan excellence through itineraries and experiences designed for you. We offer tours in Naples and surroundings, through original experiences and revisited classics. We propose half\full day tours and we also organize tourist services for you stay in Naples.


Competitive costs all-inclusive

Transfer and tickets are included in our experiential tours for small groups of 10-15 participants, designed by our experts. Our experiences are developed through interactive itineraries, particularly in the historical center of Naples. During our tours you can discover places and protagonists of the Neapolitan excellence of the arts and handicraft. You can contemporarily assist to scenes of daily life, interacting with the real alive city. The tour can be completed with a lunch in a typical restaurant enjoying the neapolitan cuisine.


We organize events and shows

You can live  multisensorial experiences of Naples through music, dances and food.  Our authors propose original representations in unusual location.   Through the event you will discover the new  identity of Naples  that develops in continuity with the historical city: a spectacular process of self regeneration of the various forms of art and communication.