Popular Naples

Popular Naples

The traditional city: boroughs of Vergini and Sanità, Cemetery of Fontanelle and Murales in Materdei

  • Duration 4 ore
  • Touristic guide
  • Ticket

Price 53 € (per person – min 4 pax)

Price 90 € (per person – for 2 pax)


Days: daily only in the morning (afternoon closing time of  Church S. Maria della Sanità and of Catacombe S. Gaudioso)
Duration: about 4 hours
Price: 53 € per person
- 50% < 18 years / gratis < 6 years
Visits: Fontanelle Cemetery an San Gaudioso Catacumb
Difficulty: High
Accessibility: not good, indicate specific request
Optional: Transfer
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We will visit “i Vergini” and “la Sanità”, two amongst the most characteristic boroughs of the city, by departing from the old city gate: Porta San Gennaro. After leaving via Foria and piazza Cavour behind us, we will find ourselves in the liveliest and most typical heart of Naples, where we will admire the extraordinary architecture of the Palazzo dello Spagnolo and of Palazzo Sanfelice. We will enter the Sanità district to visit the Santa Maria della Sanità church and the San Gaudioso catacombs. We will first reach the suggestive Cimitero delle fontanelle (literally: cemetery of fountains) and then move into the Materdei district, where we will admire the graffiti of the social centre “EX-OPG”, located in Salita San Raffaele on via Imbriani. If you wish, we will organise a fixed-price lunch or dinner in a traditional pizzeria in the area.


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